Operations Team

Bharat Sagar

Bharat Sagar

Commercial Senior Manager, International Operations

Bharat Sagar has been a senior part of the House of ST Bhatia. He has been with the group for over 30 years. His continued association with the company is a testimony for his loyalty and stead fast growth along with the group. He plays multifaceted role with looking after accounts, logistics, documentation, import and exports. 

Rajeev Bhatia

Samad Shaikh

Finance & Administration Manager

Samad Shaikh a veteran in the Middle East with three decades exposure in the hospitality, construction and trading sectors is one of the Senior Members of the company. He has been an integral part in the growth of the group. He has excellent knowledge and contacts in the fields of administration, PR, Licensing, Government rules, trends and culture among other aspects of his expertise.

Geeta Nagpal

Geeta Nagpal

Executive Secretary to the Chairman

Geeta is the first employee of the company and has been a part of the success story over all these years. She is a dedicated and loyal person and is an integral part to the growth. 

S. T. Bhatia

Ms. Rupali Arora

Vice President - Duty Free Operations

Rupali is the new generation of Bhatia Group's success story. She is an MBA and brings along with her experience and expertise in modernizing and upgrading the business processes.

She has worked in various fields before she joined Bhatia Group, like Education, IT, Financial Planning, Retail, Marketing and Operations within the UAE.

She is a natural Goal setter and go-getter and has been responsible for many successes within the group.

She handles the 'Duty Free' wing of the operations and is a key person in matters of growth and development of the unit.