Bhatia Companies

Icon Management Services is a world class management consultancy firm that directly comes under the Bhatia portfolio.

At IMS we believe that, it's not the biggest, the brightest or the best that will survive, but those who adapt the quickest.

This is a critical and inherent aspect of success, especially as markets get more competitive and technology breaks new boundaries. Only regularly upgraded skill sets and the constant look out for areas to add value can help organizations progress - this is where we come in.

Based in Sharjah, IMS has excellent international tie-ups for sourcing manpower from Eastern Europe, Africa, Far East and South Asia. We have affiliate offices across India, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Africa.

Headed by an external panel of experts from various backgrounds, IMS brings to its partners rich experience and resources in the field of recruitment, management consulting, educational services and event management. Time critical response with the aid of cutting edge technology in terms of an extensive computerized database clubbed with a professional and thorough screening of candidates, gives IMS the edge over other players.

Our Vision
To emerge as a world class management consulting, education and event management services institution offering value additions in all service segments, thereby becoming the first choice of the business world, in their selection of professional advisors.

Our Mission
To partner with our clients consistently in the search for new dimensions to recruitment and management consultancy, maintaining a high degree of integrity, professionalism and independence.

In today's highly competitive business environment, where organizations have to make a choice between or strive to reconcile mass appeal versus customization, quality, price and safety over speed, requires quick adaptability to changing market conditions, flexibility to sustain changing needs, leanness to remain competitive and innovation to keep up with technology.

IMS offers highly specialized services which help organizations excel in such an environment:

Recruitment for all skill sets
Corporate houses can rely on the vast databases skilfully programmed to yield precise results. Frequent updations to the database ensures the availability of prime skill sets. Well qualified professionals monitor and administer the enure selection process.

Management Consulting

IMS offers to fulfill all management consulting requirements of corporate houses in areas of management assurance, business consulting, corporate finance, taxation and administrative services. It is backed in this venture by a specialized group of experts.

Educational Services
Highly qualified tutors, research analysts and reputed universities join hands with IMS to offer top class educational services aimed at meeting varied demands. The enterprise focuses on identifying those innovative streams of learning, which would help students realize their immediate goals, and also build a foundation for future studies.

Event Management

Resource pooling and wide contacts in the entertainment/media have prepared the ground for the launch of IMS Event Management. From planning and organizing to execution, IMS is geared to face all challenges.